University of Udine, Italy

The Department of Languages and Literatures, Communication, Education and Society (DILL) is based on a strategic alliance among three core macro-areas of the University of Udine, namely, i) languages and literatures; ii) communication; and iii) education. Born from the synergetic interrelations among the degree courses in Foreign Languages and Literatures ((L11, L12, LM37, LM94), Communication (L20, LM59) and Education (LMCU 85bis), DILL has always privileged interdisciplinarity and international relations, thereby contributing greatly to internationalization.

DILL has its roots in the University of Udine’s historic Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures which was created in 1978 and which, according to Censis ranking, was the best faculty of its kind in Italy for over a decade, thereby attracting students from all over Italy and abroad. The common core area of foreign languages and literatures is then enriched by the contributions of sociologists, geographers, and anthropologists who investigate topics related to society, the territory, culture, and communication through a number of noteworthy regional and trans-border projects. Finally, the Department can count on the contribution of colleagues from the area of Teacher Training and Education, whose expertise in teaching and research is a precious asset for the University of Udine.

Currently DILL counts 70 permanent teaching staff members (professors and lecturers) whose research fields comprise: modern languages, linguistics, glottology, philology, Latin, Italian literature, foreign literatures, pedagogy, communication, sociology, geography, psychology, anthropology, and musicology.