QUT PhD student Simon Groth at BSU’s Mix 03 Writing Digital

Posted on July 2, 2015

The Readers is a creative work in progress that forms part of my PhD with Queensland University of Technology and a extension of my work with the Institute for the Future of the Book in Australia (if:book Australia). It’s a project that seeks to explore how use of digital tools in the creation of a text can contribute to new ways of understanding how digital and physical media can interact.

What kind of stories can we tell if we use the medium in which we write to its full potential even when those narratives are ultimately delivered to readers in an entirely different way?

At the project’s heart is a novel created and initially presented as a set of chapters that can be reordered and rearranged as fluid digital texts, but to be ultimately read as a fixed print book. it is a novel that exists independently of any individual copy and challenges its audience to take a more active role, shaping the text before reading.