Announcing the Bath Spa GALA Outreach Fund

Posted on December 22, 2016

The GALA Outreach Fund is intended to support academic and professional staff and student engagement with GALA partners by providing funds for international travel or other activities related to teaching, research, or public engagement. It can also be used to support visits by representatives from GALA partners to Bath Spa.

You can see a list of current GALA partners at

Applications should aim to expand on existing collaborations with a specific partner(s) or identify areas for new collaborations. Cross-disciplinary projects will be particularly welcomed.

Staff applications need the prior approval of their line-manager.

Student applications: staff must submit on behalf of the student(s); staff need not accompany the student(s) on their visit. The student(s) will be expected to meet with the Academic Director prior to their visit.

Possible applications could include:

  • A visit by Bath Spa academic staff to teach or research at a GALA partner
  • Meeting representatives from a GALA partner or partners at an external academic or professional event to develop a specific collaborative project
  • Bringing together researchers from GALA partners for a workshop at Bath Spa
  • A short-term student placement at a GALA partner
  • A short-term student field trip to a GALA partner
  • A visit by professional staff to/from a GALA partner to offer advice and consultancy on a specific project
  • A public event promoting the liberal arts involving representatives from a GALA partner(s)


If successful, staff will be expected to

  • Meet with relevant representatives at the GALA partner
  • Write a brief summary with pictures for the GALA website
  • Provide a detailed report to the Academic Director


Staff will be briefed about GALA and its activities prior to travel.

Staff are strongly encouraged to contact the Academic Director, Ian Gadd, prior to application.


Grants of up to £1000 per individual will be available. Funding will be shared between BSAD, IfE, and the four fields of CoLA. There will also be funding available for professional staff. Funds will be issued centrally, not via the Schools. Funding will cover travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs; it can also be used to pay for teaching cover. However, no honorariums or stipends can be funded.

The GALA Outreach Fund is available only by application. The application deadlines will be 20 January, 20 February, 20 March, 20 April, and 20 May. Awards will be made with three weeks of application. The disbursement panel will consist of the GALA team, who may consult with subject specialists if needed. Applications will be assessed in light of GALA’s strategic priorities and the criteria listed below. Staff only may apply but funds may be used to support student travel. Group applications are acceptable. Applications for funding to combine with existing funds are particularly welcome: eg a staff member attending a conference or making a research trip to somewhere close to a GALA partner applying for funding to ‘top up’ whatever existing support they have from their department or an external body.

All activities must be completed by 31 July 2017 to be eligible for support. Dates of travel should be as specific as possible. Applications must be received no less than four weeks before the intended date of travel.

The application will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Are the scope and plan for the activity/visit clear and feasible?
  • What are the long-term goals of the activity/visit and how will the activity/visit contribute towards them?
  • How will the proposed activity/visit support GALA’s goals of facilitating sustained collaboration in teaching and research, supporting student and staff international engagement, and/or promoting liberal arts education in a transnational context?
  • How will the proposed activity/visit promote creative entrepreneurship, social and civic engagement, and/or global citizenship?
  • How will the proposed activity/visit benefit Bath Spa University?
  • How will the proposed activity/visit benefit the applicant’s work/teaching/research/career development?

An application does not need to meet all the criteria to be successful.

31 March 2017 update: we have changed how we handle bookings and payment for successful applicants, and have revised our form accordingly.

An application form (Word document) can be downloaded from here.