SWPS University, Poland

The SWPS University (Uniwersytet SWPS) is a leading, non-public, research-intensive higher education institution in Poland, excelling in Psychology, Law, Languages, Literature and Culture Studies, Media and Communication, Management, and Design. Established in 1996 by three eminent professors of Psychology from the Polish Academy of Sciences, it remains the only Polish private higher education institution with an officially recognized university status. Now, approaching twenty five years of dynamic growth, we boast a strong community of over 400 permanent faculty of researchers and experienced academics, and 14,400 students, of which 1,200 are international students, representing more than 60 countries.

Liberal Arts are an important part of what we do. Our Faculty of Arts includes the School of Ideas (Culture Studies), as well as various programmes covering English, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian, and East Asian language and culture spheres. At the School of Form of the Faculty of Design, we also engage in interdisciplinary studies including the Humanities. In our research and teaching we remain focused on social engagement and social change. We believe in evidence-based education and research which addresses real societal challenges of today and tomorrow.


06.07.2018 , Warszawa , zakończenie na SWPS studentów międzynarodowych.