After AI Symposium

Posted on May 9, 2024

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Shifting Power” is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship project exploring the long-term impacts of AI, particularly those that do not centre (primarily) White, Western European notions of innovation, morality and justice.
To help us explore the future of this technology, and the consequences we expect it to have on people, society, the planet and beyond, the Shifting Power team is hosting a symposium on what happens “After AI”.


Session 1: 10am

Joanna Boehnert and Alistair Alexander

“After AI Fictions: Pathways to Speculative Regenerative Digital Futures”


AI can be seen as the ultimate and most extreme manifestation of extractive technological accelerationism. In this presentation we offer strategies to assess AI’s ecological and social impact – both positive and negative – beyond the current hype cycle – with ecological frameworks to help to methodically assess the potential of AI – or lack thereof – in a context of climate and ecological crises and (our hoped for) capacity for planetary regeneration.