GALA Information and Networking Sessions — 12 October 2023

Posted on September 7, 2023

We will be holding the next round of online GALA Information and Networking sessions on Thursday 12 October

The 90-minute sessions will cover:
  • Overview of the GALA network
  • How you can get involved in the network
  • Details of forthcoming GALA conferences
  • An opportunity to share your own interests (research, teaching, professional services)
  • An opportunity to connect with colleagues at other GALA partners

Session 1

9am-10.30am UK
10am-11.30am Netherlands/Italy/Poland/Namibia/South Africa
11am-12.30pm Kenya/Ethiopia
1.30pm-3pm India
5.30pm-7pm Adelaide
Session 2
9am-10.30am Los Angeles, USA
11am-12.30pm Chicago, USA
12pm-1.30pm Montreal, Canada
1pm–2.30pm Pelotas, Brazil
5pm-6.30pm UK time
6pm-7.30pm Netherlands/Italy/Poland/Namibia/South Africa
7pm-8.30pm Kenya/Ethiopia

9.30pm-11pm India