The British Library exhibition, Digital Storytelling, to feature work by Professor Kate Pullinger

Posted on November 10, 2022

The British Library is curating an exhibition next year (2 June – 15 October 2023) called Digital Storytelling, which will feature work by Professor Kate Pullinger. Kate features in their press release about next year’s exhibitions which you can read here.

The exhibition explores the many ways expanding technologies have transformed and enhanced our narrative experiences, from the widely popular audio fiction running app, Zombies, Run!, to award winning interactive adventure, 80 Days, to experimental electronic literature.

This hands-on exhibition reflects the wide range of creative and innovative possibilities of digital storytelling. It invites readers to become a part of the story themselves, through interactive works that invite and respond to user input, reading experiences influenced by data feeds, and works that draw from multiple platforms and audience participation to create immersive story worlds.

It will feature Kate’s, Breathe, ‘a ghost story that follows you around’, reacting to the reader’s real-time data as the story unfolds.