Celebration of Pablo Gershanik’s residency at Concordia

Posted on November 4, 2022

Please join us for one or all of the following activities around Pablo Gershanik’s residency at Concordia and beyond in Montreal. His previous virtual residency at Concordia was the opportunity to think about art as healing and a tool for resilience. His presence this Fall continues and expands the conversation with student participants, professional artists, and the larger community.

Wednesday 2 Nov, 11 am, 4th Space, Concordia or online.

Presenting the Intimate Model Methodology and some models created by students this past weekend.


Wednesday 2 Nov, 1 pm to 2:30 pm, 4th Space, Concordia or online

Transforming the postcards of Memory

How do we connect audiences with difficult histories through various art forms? How do we propose meaningful ways in the present to apprehend the unimaginable past? Starting from various aesthetic mechanisms of intermediation with painful experiences, we will dive into a discussion of resilience, memory and social connections through artistic practices. Join us for this panel discussion moderated by Dr. Louis Patrick Leroux, with panelists Pablo GershanikHannah ClausNuria Carton de Grammont, and Yamoussa Bangoura discussing resilience, memory and social ties in art-making today.


Opening Friday 5 November and activation of the installation

Sous la pluie des autres/Under the Rain of Others, exhibition at SBC Gallery

The SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art presents Under the Rain of Others, a group exhibition that examines the post-traumatic process from the political and spatial reconstitution of grief from the indigenous feminicide in Canada, the occupation of the Palestinian territories, the dictatorial regime in Argentina and apartheid in South Africa. The exhibition is collectively curated by the SBC team in collaboration with Olivia Southcott, recipient of the 2022 Elspeth McConnell Award for Fine Arts from Concordia University.


Wednesday 9 November, 6 pm (in English) and Thursday 10 November, 6 pm (in French).

Exclusive performances of 52, a solo play drawing on Pablo Gershanik’s work on memory, directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca. We have reserved some free tickets for the Concordia community and friends for the exclusive run, off Cinars, of this new production, originally produced in Italian. Presented in the intimate setting of St-Jax’s Church, next to Concordia, Pablo will offer the world premieres of the English and French versions of the play. Tickets are free but limited. Please reserve your seating at the following email asap: maquettesintimes@gmail.com

Description of the play: https://finzipasca.com/en/creations/52/