Dr Sarah Flavel invited Chair for the ECNU 四海为学 Collaborative Learning lecture series lecture on – ‘Xue 学: Learning and Emulation’

Posted on September 30, 2022

7th October 2022, 3.30-5.30pm (UK Time)

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Join Dr Sarah Flavel (Reader in Asian and Comparative Philosophy) as she chairs the talk ‘Xue 学: Learning and Emulation’ by Prof. Michael Nylan of University of California, Berkley. There will be a discussion session the following week on 14th October. This lecture is part of a monthly international series – each month features a different professor who will present either their most important work or more recent research.

Michael Nylan’s research interests lie in Early China and its modern reception: Seven centuries of Warring States through Eastern Han (475 BC-AD 220), with an emphasis on sociopolitical context; aesthetic theories and material cultures; and cosmological belief; gender history and the history of such emotions as ‘daring’ and ‘salutary fear’ (aka prudential caution).