Concordia University in Montréal is proud to announce its INDI MA-PhD Spring and Summer Seminar: Public Arts Garage: Collaborative Artistic Practice in the Public Space

Posted on March 22, 2022

Professors Louis Patrick Leroux (English and Etudes françaises) and Silvy Panet-Raymond (Dance) will be team-teaching this innovative intensive seminar with Alexandra Regan Toland (Bauhas University, Weimar) and Eva Urban-Devereux (Queen’s University, Belfast).

The “Public Arts Garage” focuses on interdisciplinary and international collaboration in approaches to art and public space. A Garage can be more than a storage space. It can be a repository for tools and ideas, a refuge from the daily routine, a safe space where creative people come together sharing the enjoyment of making and tinkering. Embracing this “Garage” spirit, MA and Ph.D. level students, from different disciplines, countries and academic cultures are encouraged to create collaborative interdisciplinary approaches to art and public space. Students will form partnerships across international partner institutions. The pairs (or larger teams) collaborate through digital exchange and create interdisciplinary projects with a physical outcome at both locations. The collaborative work can stem from and further develop students’ existing projects or dissertation work. We encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration among students, finding approaches together with their tandem partners and embracing differences in disciplines, academic cultures and local context.

The “Public Arts Garage” encourages students to think across the boundaries of their disciplines. This particular seminar will focus on ways that we inhabit and build legitimacy to occupy public space with art that both challenges and engages the community.

Concordia students will be meeting, 9 am to 4 pm on May 6th, May 27th, June 3rd, June 20th, and July 8th. Morning sessions are shared with Bauhaus and Queen’s Belfast, afternoon sessions are in-person and hybrid at Concordia.

May 27th and July 8th will include full-day public performances and presentations in which Concordia students will need to be present in person.

Places are limited. Send your letter of intent by April 1st.