International Journal of Creative Media Research (IJCMR) Publishes Issue 6

Posted on June 1, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Issue of the International Journal of Creative Media Research is now published. This special issue, guest edited by Dafydd Sills-Jones and Paul Newland, focuses on ‘Groundedness’ and Film.

In response to the myriad socio-cultural aspects of today’s ecological crisis, the research in this special issue engages with the following key question: how might media practitioners and artists explore the relationship between ‘groundedness’, the extra-local, and the global? And how might they communicate, evoke or interrogate what Arif Dirlik (2011) refers to as a sense of what is included in place from within place? The work gathered in this issue engages with the notion of ‘groundedness’ from a range of viewpoints, such as by interrogating indigenous epistemologies and ontologies; cosmopolitanism and aesthetics; exploring landscape representation; exploring groundedness within the contexts of the urban, exurban, suburban and rural; considering phenomenology, memory and embodied knowledge; ecology; examining notions of belonging, home and homeliness; and reflecting on political resistance.

Read the full Issue, as well as a new featured article by acclaimed singer Charulatha Mani, online.