GALA overview: A student’s perspective

Posted on October 22, 2019

GALA overview: by William Davis, Bath Spa University When my time at Bath Spa University began in 2017 I believed that I would be predominantly specialising in Film and TV and although this is still a big part of my degree, the skills that I have developed over the last two years stretch far wider than this. As a student, I have taken on board every creative opportunity offered to me, both internally and externally. At the time, what I thought would be experiences to list on a CV and short-term relations with networks has turned into an incredibly personal network of creatives and academics across the world. Being involved with the Global Citizenship Programme has been a catalyst which has completely radicalised the way I work and how I see my future collaborations (and possibly jobs) forming. My time at Bath Spa has allowed me to grow into an interdisciplinary filmmaker and creative where I have opportunities to gain valuable work experiences within the UK, travel and film across the world (this year being in South Africa) and more recently speak in front of delegates and various possible collaborators at the 2019 GALA Conference in LA.

william 1

While out in Los Angeles I had the opportunity to share my experiences of global collaborations and to speak about how universities can encourage more young individuals to actively expand their network, mind-set and interdisciplinary skills. It was an incredibly enriching experience which allowed me to step back from my traditional educational values and see how other academics and students work. The trip included student workshops where I had the ability to work closely with various international students including two from SUNY Geneseo in the New York State. At the conference, not only did I learn networking skills that I can take forward into my own future but also, I developed great friendships where future projects where discussed.

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The skills that I have learnt from all these experiences are invaluable to the development of my future career. I have grown into someone who can create and manage international projects, utilise each hour of their day to learn and grow about other people and topics and consistently develop and expand my creative and entrepreneurial abilities. All of which I have wanted to achieve so far has been encouraged and supported by those involved with the Global Citizenship Programme and GALA Network.

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I believe that the walls between collaborations are rapidly being broken down and it is our duty as students with the support and encouragement from the GALA community to ensure that a global network of cross disciplinary network of colleagues and friends becomes the norm.

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