Partners from Addis Ababa University and Witwatersrand University visit Bath Spa University

Posted on July 12, 2019

(Featured image from left to right: Prof Rebecca McGuire-Snieckus, Prof Ian Gadd, Dr Nicole De Wet, Prof Zerihun Woldu, Prof John Strachan) Director of Research at Addis Ababa University, Professor Zerihun Woldu and Dr Nicole de Wet, Lecturer in Demography and Population Studies, at the University of Witwatersrand visited Bath Spa University 15-22 June to explore areas for collaboration in research and teaching. Professor Woldu’s and Dr de Wet’s visits to Bath Spa are supported by the UKRI’s Global Challenges Research Fund, whose aim is to support cutting-edge research that addresses the challenges faced by developing countries. Bath Spa has been awarded three years of GCRF funding specifically to facilitate large GCRF bids, and part of that funding is specifically focused on collaborations with our four African GALA partners: AAU, Wits, Catholic University of Eastern Africa (Kenya), and the University of Namibia. GCRF overview: The goals of the week-long visit include:

  • To introduce Bath Spa University to representatives from AAU and Wits: this will include meetings with research leaders and researchers working on international projects (including with African partners)
  • To learn more about the research priorities and funding landscape at AAU and Wits
  • To identify collaborative opportunities (areas of study, individuals, potential projects, existing projects etc)
  • To scope out potential GCRF project ideas and to draft bid-development timelines
  • To draw up an action-plan for developing institutional relationships over the next three years


15 June Arrival (Dr Nicole de Wet)
16 June Arrival (Professor Zerihun Woldu)
17 June Bath Spa Newton Park/Bath/Sion Hill
8.45 Taxi to collect
9.00John’s OfficeMain House MH.1.02 Welcome, introductions, and orientation for weekPro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise) and Dean of the Graduate College, Bath Spa UniversityAcademic Director, GALA Associate Academic Director, GALA International Projects Advisor  
9.30 Student tour of Newton ParkYear 3 English literature student
10.15Main House,MH.G.14 (Booked 10-12) Research contexts: UK and Africa (GCRF, RCUK etc)Academic Director, GALAEU and International Research Support Officer
12.00 Taxi into town
12.30 LunchChair of the Board of GovernorsAcademic Director, GALA  
2.30pmRoom Booked 2:30-4pmPurchase order number 439395 Bath Spa: African research and activitiesProfessor, School of HumanitiesProfessor, School of Humanities Head of Education and Childhood Studies Research Assistant and author Academic Director, GALA
3.45pm Taxi to Sion Hill
4.00pm Sion HillHead of School of DesignHead of School of Art Research Lead for Art Academic Director, GALA
6.00pm Close
6.30pm- 9.30pm Research Centre for Environmental Humanities Public Lecture The White Lions: How Western Science and Sacred Science Converge to Save SpeciesBRLSI  
18 June Bath Spa Bath/Newton Park
Graduate Course Director, Bath Business School
10am Tour of the Holburne museumDirector of the Holburne Museum
11am Coffee break at Holburne School of Music and Performing ArtsVisiting Research Fellow, School of Music and Performing Arts
11.30am Tour of Bath: History, Heritage, and Bath SpaGraduate Course Director, Bath Business School
1pm Lunch
1.45pm Taxi to Fairfield House 
2pm Visit to Fairfield House (former home of Hailie Salisse)
3.30pmCommons, CM.2.26 Research leadersNewton ParkDirector, Transnational Creativity and Education research centre, Bath Spa University Director, Research Centre for Environmental Humanities Assistant Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research Associate Academic Director, GALA Academic Director, GALA
5.30pm Close
7pmCircus Dinner The Right Worshipful The Mayor of BathThe Mayoress Deputy Vice-Chancellor Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research Academic Director, GALA Associate Academic Director, GALA Chair, Royal Commonwealth Society (Bath and District) mayoral dinner1 Above, from left to right: Prof Ian Gadd, Dr Nicole de Wet, Godfrey Hill (Chair, Royal Commonwealth Society), Prof Zerihun Woldu, Prof John Strachan, Mayoress, Prof Neil Sammells, Mayor of Bath, Prof Rebecca McGuire-Snieckus
19 June Bath Spa Newton Park
9.30amCommonsCM.1.11 booked 9-12:30) International research projects: showcaseReader in Physical Geography and Director of Hazard, Risk and Disaster (HRD) research groupSenior Lecturer in Art Education Senior Lecturer in Abnormal/Clinical Psychology
11.00amCM.111 Research planning sessionAcademic Director, GALAEU and International Research Support Officer
12.30pm Lunch
2pmCommons Bath Spa and the Student ExperiencePro-Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience)Academic Director, GALA
2.45pm Meeting with Deputy Vice-Chancellor 
3.30pmCM.1.19Booked 3-5pm Research planning session
4.30pmCM.119  Year 2 Creative Media student 
5pm Review
5.30pm Close
20 June  Bath Spa 
9.30am Corsham Court/Bath
10amF40 CTC
10.15am Tour of Corsham Court
11am Meeting with Pro Vice Chancellor (Research and Enterprise)
11.30amT.01 Introduction to Graduate CollegePostgraduate Coordinator 
12.00pmT.01 Introduction to Research Support OfficeResearch Support ManagerResearch Bid Development Officer EU and International Research Support Officer  
12.30pm Working lunchAcademic Director GALAAssociate Academic Director GALA  
2.30pm  Holburne Museum
3.00pm Forest of Imagination: Overview and tourClore Learning Space, Holburne MuseumResearch Fellow, Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries and Senior Lecturer in Arts Education
6.00pm Forest of the Imagination launchHolburne MuseumVice-Chancellor, Bath Spa University 6pm: Ballet Nimba 6.15pm: Speeches 6.30pm: Performances by Toby Thompson (poet) and Ballet Nimba
8.00pm Close
21 June Bath SpaNewton Park  
10am Senior Lecturer SociologyResearch Centre for Health and CognitionReader in Psychology Associate Academic Director of GALA
11am  Environmental Change and Sustainability (Geography) lecturerCreative Media student
12.30pm Lunch break
1.30pmCommons staff area Discussion about Migration and Mental Health conference at Bath Spa in 2020
2pm Nicole to meet Senior Lecturer, PsychologyZerihun to meet  External Affairs Co-ordinator (Biology) to give tour of biology facilities  
3pm Academic Director GALAAssociate Academic Director GALA
4.00pm Wrap-up & review Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research and Enterprise)Academic Director GALA Associate Academic Director GALA
4.30pm Close
7.30pm BSU Gala Concert Assembly Rooms 
22 June Depart