2019 International Academy of Chinese Thought and Culture

Posted on November 21, 2018

Applications are now open for the 2019 International Academy of Chinese Thought and Culture, including a three week summer visit to China from 29th June to 20th July. The IACTC is a collaboration between staff at Bath Spa University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Peking University (Beijing) and Fudan University (Shanghai), as part of the Global Academy of Liberal Arts (GALA). The International Academy for Chinese Thought and Culture brings together world-leading scholars from China and the West to introduce Chinese philosophy and culture to an international audience. The focus of the Academy is intercultural exchange, and teachers will use comparative frameworks to enable dialogue between Chinese and Western ways of thinking. Classes at the Academy will provide a basis for understanding China for non-Chinese students, as well as an opportunity for Chinese participants to learn about and reflect on traditional Chinese culture and values. Through a melding of the Confucian ‘great learning’ (da xue) and Western liberal arts approaches to education, students will study not only the philosophical traditions of China, but how such philosophies have informed cultural and socio-historical developments in China—for example in the Chinese arts and cultural industries. The primary language of instruction will be English. Students will study the contextual background for both traditional and contemporary Arts in China, also visiting galleries and meeting with Chinese curators and artists. We welcome applications from students and graduates at any level of their careers and in any discipline. No Chinese language ability or knowledge of China is required for participants to join the programme. The cost for the three-week programme will be £2300 and will include accommodation, transport and meals within China, plus a range of cultural activities and visits. Students may apply to their own Universities for full or partial funding to cover these fees and the costs of flights and visas. THE FIRST ROUND APPLICATION DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 30th. To apply please visit: https://goo.gl/forms/Sw2Ju2RBJrxnVT9C3 Student mobility enhances the student experience and improves graduate employment rates. This year we will visit Beijing, Qufu and Shanghai. We would appreciate if you can share this information with your students and other staff, and encourage those who are interested to apply.