GALA Summer School: Call for students

Posted on May 8, 2018

Advanced Summer School, 23-30 July 2018

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Organised by the Global Academy of Liberal Arts (GALA)

The ‘Creativity and the Liberal Arts’ summer school will bring together graduate students and advanced undergraduate students to learn more about practice-as-research/research creation, working with the creative industries, public engagement, social change, and the liberal arts through a series of classes and workshops. It will be taught by faculty and creative practitioners (including artists, writers, filmmakers, and curators) from Concordia and across the international GALA network. As sessions will be led by different individuals and will cover a variety of topics, students will need to draw together the materials and themes together themselves.

Sessions will cover:
Research-Creation: the approach and the practice
Creative Communication: Articulation and Digital Media
A Global Stage for Liberal Arts Research
Social Enterprise and Social Change
Co-Creation and the Public Role of Liberal Arts
Creative Industries
The summer school will be an opportunity for students to establish new cultural and creative networks as well as develop a portfolio of skills, experiences, and evidence that they can use in research projects and future careers. The summer school will conclude with a final showcase event on Monday 30 July.

The summer school will take place alongside the annual GALA conference, and students will participate in the conference on Friday 27 July.

The summer school is open to graduate students and advanced undergraduates from across the GALA network. There is no restriction in terms of major/degree programme. The working language will be English.

There will be approximately ten subsidised places available to students from GALA partners. Each partner may nominate 1-2 students to participate: the names, degree programme, area of interests, and a brief biographical summary (max 200 words) of each student should be sent to Emilie Champagne at Concordia and Ian Gadd at Bath Spa by 28 May: and  Please note that students cannot nominate themselves.

The summer school fee is CAN$1800 and will include accommodation and lunch during week-days. Students from GALA partners will receive a CAN$900 discount. Concordia will handle enrollment and accommodation. If you have any questions about the summer school logistics, please email

There is a webpage for the summer school at that will expand over the coming days and weeks.

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