Featured GALA partner: The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).

Posted on May 19, 2016

Featured GALA partner: The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).

The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) created a liberal arts program in 2012, which became a liberal arts college under the school of public policy in 2014. Currently, the Liberal Arts College at RANEPA is only one of two institutions in Russia offering a Liberal Arts education to their students. RANEPA is the largest university in Russia, with the main campus headquartered in Moscow and 60 other branches located around the country. The College employs more than 60 professors and academic advisors. The Liberal Arts College comprises a three-stage study approach: (stage 1) The study of a core curriculum for all students during the first two or three semesters; (stage 2) The choice of a major after the 2nd or 3rd semester; (stage 3) The choice of a minor after the 5th semester. The Liberal Arts College offers students majors including: History, Oriental Studies, Cognitive Psychology, Linguistic, Public Policy, Public Relations, Urban Studies, Journalism and Management. Minor subjects include: Economy, Public Relations, Political Science, Law, Sociology, Linguistics and Psychology. Part of the programme is a four-year course titled ‘Great Books’ during which students read and discuss with Professors some of the best-known literary works which significantly contributed to world culture. Another course, ‘Writing and Critical Thinking’ combines elements of applied philosophy and academic writing. The language of instruction is English for all courses except the classes of Russian. The staff is international, hence the opportunity to study in a multinational environment and learn various approaches to teaching and learning.

Shared teaching opportunities for GALA partners.

RANEPA is interested in exploring shared teaching opportunities with GALA partners in the following areas:
•Great Books
•Public Relations
•Political Science
•Cultural Studies

Collaborative research interests with GALA partners.

RANEPA is interested in collaborative research with GALA partners in the following areas:
•Comparative studies in Public Policy
•Public Administration

Staff and student mobility.

RANEPA can accept both students and academic staff for study/teaching particular courses through the academic year. They also offer the Semester in Moscow program which includes courses on contemporary Russian politics, economics, and culture. Within this program students study in Moscow, but a visiting tour to Saint Petersburg is also organised. Students can also take an internship upon a request in different areas depending on their interests.

Upcoming events.

RANEPA Summer Campus in Kazan city which takes place in the period of 17-26th of July. The concept of RANEPA Summer Campus 2016 will be based on conflicts and their resolutions. Participants, united into 12 independent advisory ‘think tanks’ will be guided by the Campus tutors and moderators. Each team will have to analyse and solve four situation-based cases, consider the position of the counterparts, weigh different aspects of a conflict, deliver their viewpoints, and come to a well-founded resolution. The cases will touch upon areas including: business and state, history and society, career relations and psychology, culture and art. Throughout eleven days of teamwork, participants will need to demonstrate their leadership skills, analytical abilities and capacity for project work. Web-site: http://www.campus4youth.ru/

Contact details for teaching and research collaborations and staff and student mobility opportunities

e-mail: rane.artamonova@gmail.com mobile: +4917627618895

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