The University of Parma

Posted on May 21, 2015

The University of Parma is a State University. As such, it is self-governing and has administrative, organisational, and accountancy autonomy, providing services to the general public. On 13th March 962, Emperor Ottonian I conferred on Uberto, the Bishop of Parma, the initiation of the University in the ‘Diploma’ – a document which granted the Bishop the power to order and elect legal leaders (‘eligere et ordinare notarios’). This document was the foundation of creating an educational institution that would last centuries later, and is still preserved in the Bishop’s Archives in Parma today. The University holds 18 Departments, 35 first degree courses, 6 one-cycle degree courses, 38 second degree courses, as well as many Postgraduate schools, Postgraduate Teacher Training courses, several Masters’ Degrees and Research Doctorates (PhD). The ideal size of the University (30,000 students, with more than 5,000 graduates per year, and about 2000 faculty and staff members) and the living conditions in Parma attract a large number of students from all over Italy. More than two-thirds of our registered students come from outside of Parma and the Parma Province, which places the University in the highest rank for attracting the most non-resident students nationwide. The different locations of the University allow students to study in comfortable, efficient structures near green areas, such as the Campus: a 77 hectare area south of the city accommodating scientific deparments, our campus consists of departments, modern and well-equipped lecture halls, comfortable study areas, technologically advanced laboratories, and a CNR centre – as well as several sports facilities, a conference centre, and a canteen. This significant combination of structures and people is absolutely unique on the Italian university scene. In the heart of the city, the University’s central building houses the rector’s office, administrative offices and Law. The Medical school is also in the city, located in the Hospital, while Economics and the Political Sciences are next to the Parco Ducale. The Arts and Philosophy and Psychology have their campuses in the old city centre, and Veterinary Medicine is located in the immediate north-western outskirts of the city. The activities and facilities of the University of Parma attract the participation of an ever-growing student body. There are information and career counselling services to help students with their university-related choices, good relations with foreign universities, and a lively exchange of students in terms of community programmes, including many available scholarships. Libraries, computer laboratories and Internet access points, student residences and canteens, part-time jobs, cultural activities, a toll-free number, and post-graduation career counseling are all available to students – along with interviews and short courses to help our graduates to find jobs. Many facilities are available to students to enhance the quality of their studies and university life. Some of these are the free e-mail and ad hoc services for disabled students, language courses at the Foreign Language Centre, and many opportunities in sports run by the University of Parma CUS with courses in all disciplines in a range of structures – our swimming pool, athletics track, tennis courts, football pitches, golf yard, basketball courts, rugby pitches, etc. The University of Parma website is constantly updated and has a high number of visitors (more than 50,000 accesses per day), offering students regularly updated information and the ideal interface for communicating with the University. Students can also sign up for exams via the Internet, download administrative forms, or access personal e-mail supplied to each student by the University, thus creating a fast and accurate channel of communication.