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SUNY Geneseo visit to Bath Spa University

SUNY Geneseo visit to Bath Spa University


Stacey Robertson, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of History at SUNY Geneseo, Robert A. Bonfiglio, vice president for Student and Campus Life at SUNY Geneseo, Joe Cope, Professor of History and Director of Geneseo’s Center for Inquiry, Discovery, and Development,
Sam Cardamone, Associate Director of the SUNY Geneseo Study Abroad Office, Beth McCoy, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor of English chair of Geneseo’s Curricular Design Working Group (CDWG), Jennifer Rogalsky, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Geography, and Coordinator of the Urban Studies minor, and Aaron Steinhauer, Associate Professor of Physics, serving on the Curriculum Design Working Group and with a long track record of student involvement in undergraduate research and curriculum design, visited Bath Spa University discuss University ethos, student leadership, and curricular plans.


Karen McGinty and Helena McCaskie gave the group a tour of campus housing and other student facilties, followed by a session on the student experience with representatives from the Students’ Union (Meghann McKeague), Student Support (Sara Gallagher), Student Information (Katie Iveson and Bradley Shadwell), Housing (Helena McCaskie), Careers (Barrie Grey) and Library (Richard Swales) to include a further tour of Student Services in the Commons, Careers, and the Library.


To discuss the curricular redesign in the College of Liberal Arts, Steve May, Charles Wiffen, Mark McGuinness, Rebecca Schaaf, and Kieran Kelly met with the group. This was followed by a session on teaching collaborations and student mobility that included representatives for English (Richard Stamp), Humanities (Alison Hems), Education (Alan Howe), Business (Kristin Doern), Music and Performance (Mark Langley), psychology (Rebecca McGuire-Snieckus), Media Communications (Suman
Ghosh); also Lizzie Watts and Laura Garcia Martinez from the International Office. The group was joined by two visitors from another GALA partner, the University of Adelaide: Professor Jennifer Clark,
dean of the School of Humanities, and Professor Natalie Edwards, from their French


A tour of Media Wall and TV studio, campus housing and other student facilties was provided by
Karen McGinty and Helena McCaskie, followed by a session on creative practice in the classroom with
Charles Wiffen, Mark Langley and Suman Ghosh. Quality Assurance: the UK context, was presented by Rebecca Schaaf and Laura Porter, followed by a discussion of the Global citizenship and the impact of international mobility by Rebecca McGuire-Snieckus, Lizzie Watts, Laura Garcia and students (Alex Wilbraham, Chris Watford & Gwilym Lloyd). A walking tour and introduction to Bath Spa’s cultural partners was provided by Kristin Doern followed by a visit to Bath School of Art and Design and a meeting with the Research Centres at Corsham Court.





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