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Call for proposal: Interdisciplinarity in Global Contexts

Call for proposal: Interdisciplinarity in Global Contexts

Call for proposal: Interdisciplinarity in Global Contexts

From 24-26 October 2019, the annual AIS conference takes place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, organized by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).The conference brings together interdisciplinary researchers, educators, students, alumni and administrators.
The theme of the conference will be ‘Interdisciplinarity in Global Contexts’. Since a defining feature of interdisciplinarity is not to abstract or isolate problems but rather to approach them in their real-world contexts, this conference theme asks participants to consider the global and local contexts of interdisciplinary education and research.

You are invited to send in your proposal relating to the conference theme at Deadline for submission is April 1st. We are especially looking for proposals that can start a debate, encourage audience involvement and a lively dialogue with all participants.
The conference theme is divided in four subthemes: Theme 1- Adressing local and global contexts in research and education Theme 2- People, concepts, and methods crossing borders Theme 3- Methodologies of interdisciplinary education and research Theme 4- Adjusting interdisciplinarity towards future challenges

For more specific info on the subthemes please go to Co-developing Special Sessions

To be able to get different viewpoints from across the globe we are reaching out to you to co-develop special sessions on themes like ‘Unheard Voices: Integrating the arts in research on global topics’ or ‘Teaching Interdisciplinary Research‘. To realize this we need your input with best practices, research examples, suggestions for panel members or innovative education methods. Click on the below video’s of Prof. Valentina Mazzucato and Prof. Iris van der Tuin, to see what they are looking for and submit your suggestion or project by emailing to

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