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Utrecht University

Utrecht University (UU) is an international research university, for many years occupying high positions in international rankings such as the Shanghai Ranking and the Times Higher Ranking. With almost 30,000 students, over 6,000 staff, and an annual budget of 765 million euros (2014), Utrecht University is one of the largest general research universities in Europe. 4 institutions within Utrecht University take part in the GALA network: Centre for the Humanities (CfH), School of Liberal Arts, and namely its Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) programme and Language and Culture Studies (TCS), and University College Roosevelt (UCR).

Centre for the Humanities
The Centre for the Humanities (CfH) is the platform for interdisciplinary and interfaculty dialogue at Utrecht University. It functions as a critical think-tank on academic knowledge and the social relevance and the value of the Humanities in the contemporary world. CfH is a flexible and fast-moving instrument that is capable of mobilising human and material resources to address urgent contemporary questions. Therefore, CfH provides quick and timely interventions in the public debate, through a number of concrete target-oriented activities. In this regard CfH functions as the incubator, the academic interlocutor and the disseminator for pioneering, innovative interdisciplinary research and research training activities in the Humanities as a supra-disciplinary area.

Contact person: Goda Klumbyte, programme manager,

Liberal Arts and Sciences
The bachelor’s degree programme Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) is hosted by the Faculty of Humanities of Utrecht University. LAS is a non-selective university-wide program designed for Dutch students with a broad academic interest. LAS shares its educational concept with University College Utrecht (UCU) and University College Roosevelt (UCR), but there are also important differences. UCU and UCR are selective honors programs. LAS attracts talented students as well, but it is essentially an open access program. Prospective students are required to participate in an intake procedure before they can enter the program. Their entrance is the result of self-selection. Courses at UU are taught in Dutch and in English. More important, perhaps, is that the LAS curriculum consists mainly (but not exclusively!) of courses coordinated by other schools of Utrecht University. As we offer more than 125 general education courses and specializations within almost 50 programs, the LAS interdisciplinary core promotes integrative and interdisciplinary learning. It consists of four courses and a reflective electronic portfolio. LAS attracts roughly 200 first-year students.

Contact person: Dr. Iris van der Tuin,

Language and Culture Studies
The bachelor’s degree in Language and Culture Studies (TCS, in Dutch) centres on the combination of several arts disciplines like history, art history, comparative literature, communication and information sciences, linguistics and cultural sciences.

Contact person: Prof. Berteke Waaldijk,

University College Roosevelt
University College Roosevelt is above all a University, proud to offer a Liberal Arts and Sciences program with over 200 high-quality courses that not only provide a unique educational experience but also prepare students for top master programs all over the world. But we’re also a College, a small and tight-knit academic community of 600 students and dedicated faculty and staff, with a residential campus and a very active student body. The Roosevelt part points at the fundamental values in the field of global citizenship that were formulated by Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt that we seek to foster and strengthen amongst our students and faculty from all over the world.

Areas of interest for collaboration:

  • Environmental Humanities, eco-criticism (CfH, LAS)
  • Global Citizenship (UCR)
  • Integrated learning (LAS)
  • Social and cultural entrepreneurship (TCS, CfH)
  • Student mobility (TCS/LAS and UCR)
  • Public humanities (CfH)
  • Festival Fellowships: Writer-in-residence & Artist-in-Residence (CfH): This is an initiative designed by the Centre for the Humanities to bring together artists, writers, researchers, practitioners, students, Utrecht citizens and others interested and to stimulate the discourse around the arts today. The Programme is developed in cooperation with the leading festivals in the city of Utrecht (a.o. City2Cities and Early Music Festival) and the related departments of the Humanities Faculty of Utrecht University. Through the selection of a different annual festival theme an extended array of topics can be addressed.
  • Thematic Residencies/ Research Fellowships (CfH): The Centre for the Humanities is meant to be a place where fellows can concentrate on their research free from other academic duties for a certain period of time. Besides that, they can make use of the Centre’s vibrant intellectual climate (testing their theses in internal meetings, for instance), and add to that climate (e.g. by organising a symposium, a lecture series, or a small conference at the Centre).

We are interested in shared teaching, collaborative research and/or staff/student mobility with GALA partners.

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