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In 2012, RANEPA created a Liberal Arts program, which in 2014 became a Liberal Arts College under the School of Public Policy. The Liberal Arts College established its own educational standards, a right granted to RANEPA by the President of the Russian Federation. Students of the program enjoy the many advantages of a Liberal Arts education, while at the same time benefiting from the opportunity to receive a Russian State diploma. Today the Liberal Arts College offers 8 majors to its students. More than 280 students study in the College and there are more than 60 professors and academic advisors.

Currently, the Liberal Arts College at RANEPA and the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences at St. Petersburg State University are the only institutions in Russia offering a Liberal Arts Education  to their students.

Areas of interest

Research Interests

  • Digital Innovations
  • Communities
  • Russian studies
  • Education and Childhood
  • Creative Production and Cultural Economy
  • Public Policies
  • Ecology and Natural Resources


Institutional interests

  • Conferences and researches dedicated to the standards of Liberal Arts Education
  • Workshops and exchange programs for teachers
  • Student conferences and research programs
  • Summer programs for international students interested in Russian studies.


Alex Artamonova

My name is Alexandra Artamonova, I’m responsible for International Exchange at the School of Public Policy of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Moscow, Russia).

Three years ago we started a small Liberal Arts program with 30 students and two majors which occurred quite successful. In 2014 we had an enrollment of 160 students for nine majors. With a strong support of Academy’s rector the program was given the status of the Liberal Arts College.

The College is already the most internationally oriented department of the Academy (as far as we have some exchange programs, international professors and some disciplines taught in English), and we see the development of the international partnerships as a crucial part of our strategy. Now we are happy to be a part of GALA community and we hope to build a strong and long-term cooperation with friendly institutions which are GALA members.

You can find more information about The School of Public Policy and Liberal Arts College on our website and see us on instagram:

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