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Exhibition: drawing through clay: cross-cultural identity

Exhibition: drawing through clay: cross-cultural identity

Exhibition: drawing through clay: cross-cultural identity

20th June -30th June 2018.

Sion Hill gallery.Bath.UK

Wen-Hsi Harman PhD student in ceramics was awarded £500 from the GALA (Global Academy of Liberal Arts) funding in 2017 to do a project with the National Taiwan University of Arts with 41 students from the department of crafts and design in Taiwan. This exhibition was the result of the cultural exchange. The aims of this exhibition is sharing Taiwanese cultural identity through clay to the western visitors.


This exhibition will run from the 20th to the 30th June 2018.  In total we have 18 drawings on display.


There are 9 drawings from students collaborations, the topic of the drawing explored Taiwanese cultural identity though images, for example Taiwanese bubble tea, Taiwanese temples, Taipei 101 and Taiwanese bear.


Another 9 drawings was created by Wen-Hsi and Martin who undertook a co-operative project called cross-cultural identity through clay drawing. This was created in our artist-residency at the Bundanon Trust in Australia in 2017.


參與者Participants of this exhibition  curated by Wen-Hsi Harman


  1. 梁家豪Jia-Haur Liang

2.黃佩東 Pei-Dong Huang

3.謝雅竹 Julia

4.毛愷苡 Kai-Yi Mao

5.楊中漢 Yang Zhong-Han

6.戴寧 Dai Ning

7.王姿雅 Wang Zi-Ya

8.游翼慈 You Yi-Ci

9.徐怡甄 Syu Yi-Jhen

10.楊貴棻 Fanny

11.藍筠柔Yunrou Lan

12.丁有或 Jotntan Ding

13.Wendy Chen

  1. Yen HUI
  2. Hazel Pan

16.Alan Ko

17.Ya Fang Xue

  1. 林子翔 Lin Zi Xiang
  2. 陳庭怡 Chen Ting Yi

20.李心媺 Li Xin Mei

21.陳欣宜 Chen Xin Yi

22.陳郁嵐 Chan Yulan

23.宜萱Shiyry Lin


25.陳憲則 Chen Tsieng Tze

26.段宇芊Yu-Chien Tuan

27.何佳恩 Chiaen. Ho

28.杜麗茜 Daisy Toh

29.王昱驊Hsing Hua Wang

30.曾筱元Hsiao Yuan Tseng

31.劉晉瑄 Lyu Chin Shyun

32.佳儀Lin Jiayi

33.瑀姨Yu Jie

34.蕭慈芸 Xiao Ci Yun


36.劉芳柔 Liou Fang Rou

37.鄒皓 Zou Hao

38.陳萱 Chen Xuan

39.顏佑禹 Yen Yu Yu

  1. 張瑜倢Yu Chien Change
  2. 高德璇Te-Hsuan Kao
  3. 賴虹菱Hong-Ling Lai




Special thanks for supporting this project

Professor Ian Gadd, Bath Spa University



Ivan Yi-Feng Li

Director, International Cooperation Division

Office of International Affairs
National Taiwan University of Arts



Jia-haur Liang, Ceramics

Crafts and Design Dept.

National Taiwan University of Arts





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