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Liberal Arts for Tomorrow

7th annual GALA conference — 20-22 September 2021 (online)

The 7th Annual Global Academy of Liberal Arts (GALA) conference is dedicated to the theme of preparing university students, faculty, and professionals for a changing and uncertain global future. It will explore how the values of the liberal arts—intellectual freedom, critical thinking, creative curiosity, reasoned debate, disciplinary diversity, public engagement, and a global outlook—can be reconfigured to empower students, teachers, and researchers in tackling global challenges.

Bringing together speakers and participants from Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas, we will aim to offer truly global perspectives about teaching, research, and practice in the liberal arts.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Global citizenship and the liberal arts
  • Equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in teaching, research, and practice
  • Decolonising the liberal arts curriculum
  • The liberal arts and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  • Working locally, thinking globally: universities as civic partners
  • Public engagement and the liberal arts
  • Building research capacity in the arts, humanities, and social sciences

The conference is open to undergraduates and postgraduates as well as faculty and university professionals at all stages of their career. You do not need to belong to a GALA partner university to attend, and the registration is free.

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Revised programme available (17 September update) 

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