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Summary of Bath Spa GALA Outreach Awards 2017–18

Summary of Bath Spa GALA Outreach Awards 2017–18

The following Bath Spa GALA Outreach Awards were made during 2017–18:

University of Adelaide
Charlotte Shipperley (Environmental Humanities, PhD student): to participate in H2O conference and related activities

Beijing Foreign Studies University
Fifteen undergraduate students (CoLA: 13; BSAD 3): to attend Chinese Thought and Culture Summer School

Columbia College, Chicago
Joy Merron (Textiles, BSAD): to show a fashion exhibition involving BSU and Columbia College students and to identify collaborative opportunities with textiles and fashion

Claremont Graduate University
Kristin Doern (Business), Sarah Morton (Heritage) and 12 CoLA MA students: to participate in Culture, Heritage and the Arts postgraduate exchange trip

Anthony Head (BSAD): to support reception at Sion Hill for BSU-Concordia Elastic Spaces Symposium
Students and staff from BSAD (2 faculty, 1 postgraduate, 1 undergradate), CoLA (6 faculty, 2 postgraduates), IfE (3 faculty, 1 undergraduate), and Professional Services: to participate in the annual GALA conference and summer school hosted by Concordia University

SUNY Geneseo
Three CoLA undergraduates: to participate in conference at Huron University, co-organised with SUNY Geneseo

National Institute of Design
Tim Vyner (Illustration) and 2 students (CoLA MA; BSAD undergraduate): to participate in international Chitrakatha animation festival

National Taiwan University of the Arts
Wen-Hsi Chen (Ceramics, PhD): to present a workshop based on PhD project

University of Parma
Katharine Reeve and Gemma Matthews (Publishing): to oversee a digital publishing project with art and design collections at CSAC

Queensland University of Technology
Andrew Hugill (Creative Computing): to identify collaborative opportunities in field of creative computing
Agata Vitale (Psychology): to support research project in collaboration with colleague at QUT

Nick Sorensen and Alan Howe (Education): to participate in liberal arts workshop

University of Stockholm
Miranda Barnes (Creative Writing): poet in residence at Tree Ring Laboratory
Katie Friedlander-Boss (Business) and 2 undergraduates: to visit Fashion Centre in Stockholm
Three MA students (Environmental Humanities): to participate in Environmental Humanities workshop

University of Udine
MA student (Education): to research as part of MA dissertation project

University of Utrecht
James Saunders (Music): to support attendance of visiting speaker

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