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Archives / 2015 / May

Communication without Borders

The GALA conference, Communication without Borders, will be held at the Communication University of China, Beijing on 6-7 July, 2015 bringing together GALA partners to investigate the ways in which international collaboration can transform our activities as scholars, teachers and students. Contact: Rebecca McGuire-Snieckus: r.mcguire-

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Jane Haslam photo of flooded church

Reflections: Somerset Floods, One Year On

Social Sciences at Bath Spa have worked on a creative collaboration with London photographer Matilda Temperley to explore, through documentary photography and social research, the impact of widespread flooding in Somerset in 2014 on families and everyday life. They shared their stories of the disaster and their road to recovery. The exhibition, which was displayed at Bath Royal Literary and Scient...

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Sustainability: Lost Water Creative Project

Over a hundred students a year, from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds, seek out our innovative, interdisciplinary ‘open module’ on Sustainability. As part of the assessment of this module students develop a public-facing communication activity where students are invited to respond to a challenge set out by the academic team. This year, the brief for the project has been aligned...

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